Perfectly situated on the stunning Perissa Beach, in Santorini

Locura delivers relaxed, authentic Cycladic Aegean vibes. In a front line beach location with an uninterrupted, panoramic view of the sea.

Our Aim is to create simple, honest, great tasting food in the best environment.

Locura is the perfect destination for a relaxed lunch or dinner in a luxurious beach setting

Best location

The beach features unique characteristics, sun-drenched black sand, crystalline waters and various beach facilities.

Unique Experience

Bask in the raw beauty of Santorini elements, against a breathtaking backdrop of the enormous rock called Mesa Vouno and shimmering waters.

All day beach restaurant

We use the finest ingredients, for a specially designed menu and your own waiter all day long

Signature cocktails

The finest spirits and a cocktail list, more creative than you can imagine.

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Coax the body and mind into perfect location.
Indulge the senses with hearty, contemporary Italian cuisine, by our chef Alkiviadis Aivazis

Relaxed, Cycladic Aegean vibes & authentic Greek experience